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UtilityControlPanel is a utility for running command line programs.

Some of the LevTech utilities are command-line invoked programs though they are all 32-bit Windows software. (All the utilities can be run in a command line mode for integrating into multiple step workflows.) Out of the "box", they don't come with an icon and are not in and of themselves interactive in the Windows dialog sense; that is, they start then run to completion without any user intervention.

Nonetheless, users may want to run these utilities from an Windows shortcut rather than a command line prompt. Possibly with different options at different times.

This program is most useful to individuals or situations where a LevTech utilities is run infrequently (on a casual basis).

UtilityControlPanel is a utility that lets you select a LevTech program to invoke and specify the working directory and parameters that are required. Additionally, you can save the parameters to a file and recall them for later re-use.

To download UtilityControlPanel, including a manual: click here.

The downloaded file is named ucpzip.exe and is a self-extracting zip file. You must run ucpzip (use Start/Run) to unzip the setup components for UtilityControlPanel.

The setup components will be unzipped (by default) into C:\Program Files\Leverage Technologies\UtilityControlPanel. This includes the PDF manual that will explain what to do next.

Please contact LevTech for support if you need assistance getting UtilityControlPanel set up.