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Various indexing editing and processing software uitilize different formats to hold index data. The format most used to transfer index data between software is the Index Data Exchange XML or IXML format. For more about this and other software using it, click here. Sky Index v8.0 has another format called Index Data Exchange or IDEX format.

IndexDataConverter will file in either format to the other. This allows:

CINDEX and Sky Index users to trade data back and forth when working on a multi-indexer project;

Sky Index users run the LevTech utilities.

Pricing and Ordering

converts data in one index data exchange format to another


  • if you are a Sky Index user and you are licensed for a LevTech utility, you can get a license for IndexDataConverter at no charge.
  • CINDEX or Sky Index users who want to exchange data with each other need to purchase IndexDataConverter.