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FootnoteRanges is a utility to conflate a series of locators with footnote numbers into a range and/or list when the same number is reflected in the locators in an index. The lead number in a locator can be either a page number or section number.

This utility saves time over doing it manually—and improves accuracy. Some locator validation is also performed.

NOTE: numbers shown below could also could be endnote numbers; they are treated similarly.

Example of range:
35n13, 35n14, 35n15 becomes 35n<n>13-15

or, if different foonote lead-in are specified:
35n13, 35n14, 35n15 becomes 35 n<n.> 13-15

If the suppress page number mode is set:
35n13, 35n14, 35n15, 35n18, 35n19, 35n22, 35n26 becomes 35n<n>13-15, 18-19, 22, 26

The footnote number lead text can also be italicized::
35nn13-15, 18-19, 22, 26; 43n55

Here's an example with section numbers:
2.1.5n13, 2.1.5n14, 2.1.5n15, 2.1.5n18, 2.1.5n19, 2.1.5n22, 2.1.5n26 becomes
2.1.5n<n>13-15, 18-19, 22, 26

FootnoteRanges will accept as input: CINDEX .ucdx and .ixml files (also used by Sky Index).

Pricing and Ordering

Create ranges and lists of footnote numbers.